PTFE Powder mixer

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  • SYH-50 Three-Dimensional Mixer

    SYH-50 Three-Dimensional Mixer

    Working Principle: The mixing barrel is suspended at the end of the main and driven axles through two Y-type universal joints. The two universal joints intersect and perpendicular to each other in space. When the drive shaft is dragged and rotated, the cardan envoy barrel moves repeatedly in space, such as translation, rotation and roll. Material in the cylinder is followed by three-dimensional compound movement in the axial, radial and circumferential directions. Many kinds of materials in t...
  • 6 Barrel Powder Mixer

    6 Barrel Powder Mixer

    1. Equipped with six 10L / 2-3KG mixing barrels at a time, and rotate at the same time as the revolution, 30 revolutions per minute and 40 rotation per minute. 2. Steering and speed can be adjusted according to technical requirements, with 1.5kw 2P reduction motor. 3. Configure the emergency stop switch, set the process timer. 4. Configure 10 plastic mixing buckets with a capacity of 10L. ​5. 380V 50Hz 3P.
  • The v-100 PTFE Powder mixer

    The v-100 PTFE Powder mixer

    Equipment technical parameters: 1,Mixing barrel total volume of 100L, Material handling capacity: 40-50L 2, Equipment main motor power 1.5 kw. 3,Mixing time Digital setting 0-99 minutes, timing shutdown. 4,power supply: 380V/220V/50Hz. Part 1 : Equipment OverviewEquipment name: V-type mixerEquipment model:V-100Equipment number:one setEquipment usage: For the mixture of powder Basic requirements: 1,Each 40-50L material / batch mixing, and do not bring any impurities in the process of mixing...