Introduction Of Suko Ptfe(Uhmwpe)Ram Tube Extruder

Introduction Of Suko Ptfe(Uhmwpe)Ram Tube Extruder

PTFE(polytetrafluoroethy) is commonly known as PTFE, Teflon and Plastic King. The Teflon extruder is a machine that specializes in extruding PTFE (UHMWPE) ptubeucts. Through a series of processes such as extrusion, heating, and cooling, the pre-sintered PTFE powder raw materials are processed by ram tube extruder to ptubeuce PTFE tube ptubeucts that meet various specifications. Affected by related factors such as use, specifications, ingredients, user requirements, etc., Suko can design and ptubeuce PTFE tube machines of different specifications. The polytetrafluoroethylene (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) ptubeucts ptubeuced by ram tube extruder are widely used in chemical, medical, aerospace, mechanical processing, heat exchange and other fields.

Suko with many years of research and development experience in the field of PTFE equipments, specializes in the research, development, ptubeuction and sales of PTFE equipments. Our equipment has served nearly forty countries and regions in the international market. Our customers are from the medical industry, aerospace industry, military industry, chemical industry, automotive industry and various mechanical pipe fittings industries, and Suko has been widely recognized by the international fluoroplastic industry.

Company values: Innovation, Technology, Efficiency and Intelligence.

Company mission: To create the world’s first brand of PTFE equipments. Suko deserves your trust.



  1. Through continuous improvement,the equipment is smarter, more stable and more efficient.
  2. The equipment is controlled by PLC system, and operated automatically with simple operation.
  3. With diverse design, the equipment can meet the different needs of users, and be customized for customers.
  4. The equipment runs stably for a long time,with lower noise. And reduces costs by saving power and energy during pressure maintenance.
  5. Equipment and molds are made by special technology, corrosion resistance, durable and with long service life.
  6. The equipment design is simple and takes up little space.
  7. Extruded ptubeucts have superior performance in terms of density and tensile strength.
  8. Equipped with an automatic feeding system, filling a bucket of 50-80 kg, automatic feeding system can guarantee 4-8 hours of operation and save labor costs to a great extent.
  9. PTFE ram tube extruder can continuously push tube and the tube can be cut according to the requirements.
  10. Provide a complete mold system, which includes a full set of corresponding accessories, heating and sintering system, cooling system, temperature controller, etc.


  1. The ground of the site is required to be level, and the site load is not less than the design requirements.
  2. The operating platform needs clean space to reduce dust ingress. It is best to have ventilation ducts in the workshop to facilitate ventilation.
  3. Industrial power standard 380V 50Hz 3P, voltage can be customized according to user needs.
  4. The factory is equipped with power distribution cabinets, compressed air and other supporting equipment.
  5. The equipment needs to be equipped with a cooling system. Two buckets / water tanks can be used with a cooling pump to recycle water resources.
  6. The room temperature of the plant should be controlled less than 28 ° C.
  7. The vertical extrusion equipment extrudes from the top to the bottom. The equipment is installed on the platform or floor with a space height of about 2.8 meters. The effective distance in the longitudinal direction of the device needs to be considered, and a sufficient height must be guaranteed under the fixed circular hole of the device to meet the requirements of the length of the extruded PTFE tube.




Machine Model PFG150 PFG300 PFG500
Process Vertical Ram Extruder M/c
Power KW(Electric Motor) 15kw 22kw 72kw
Size Range OD 20-150mm 150-300mm 300-500mm
THK Tolerance 0.1-0.2mm 0.1-0.2mm 0.1-0.2mm
OD Tolerance 0.1-0.5mm 0.5-2mm 3mm
Extruded Tube Length Continue extrude with unlimited length
Output Per Hour KG 8+ 10+ 13+
Voltage/ PH/Hz 380V 50Hz 3P 380V 50Hz 3P 380V 50Hz 3P
Mold The mold size is customized according to customer specifications. The complete mold set includes the mold body, extrusion head, connection flange, a complete set of high-temperature heating rings, a complete set of sensors, a cooling water jacket system, and the high-temperature connection line, mold and product support.The surface finish is specially treated to be smooth, durable, and corrosion resistant. The thickness of the insulation cotton is more than 5mm, and the heating thickness is more than 10mm.




  1. Check whether the equipment power-on voltage and power match, and the line connection conforms to the wiring diagram.
  2. Check the position of the hydraulic oil and check whether the hydraulic lines are connected properly. Confirm cooling water connection and compressed air connection
  3. Check whether the mold is installed correctly. Run and debug manually to confirm.
  4. Turn on the power and set parameters such as pressure, temperature of each temperature zone, holding time, and automatic feeding setting through the PLC system.
  5. Add the prepared pre-sintered powder to the hopper or barrel (manually or automatically).
  6. Start the machine.
  7. Cut the extruded PTFE tube to the required length.
  8. Turn off the machine and clean the mold after use.


  1. Regularly check the height, cleanliness and temperature of the hydraulic oil.
  2. It is recommended to replace the hydraulic oil every six months.
  3. Replaced worn seals timely.
  4. The mold should be cleaned and maintained in time, and the surface should be coated with a thin layer of protective oil.
  5. Carefully handle the temperature sensor of the heating coil, and store it properly.


  1. The equipment is composed of main machine, a hydraulic station, a control cabinet, an automatic feeder, holders, heating cavities, molds and other accessories. Equipment necessary accessories are sent to customers with the equipment.
  2. The list of necessary accessories for the equipment is sent to the user with the equipment.
  3. When the user purchases our company’s equipment, in addition to the necessary accessories, we will provide the necessary spare parts to the user to replace and repair the equipment. Spare parts are standard parts and can be purchased in the local market.


  1. Due to the special technology of the equipment, customers can go to the factory to learn about the installation, commissioning, operation, mold change, maintenance, process guidance of the equipment for free before delivery.
  2. If you are unable to come to our company to study due to inconveniences such as distance, personnel, time, we can arrange for engineers to come to guide the installation, commissioning, operation, mold replacement, maintenance, and process guidance of the equipment under the agreement of the other party.
  3. We can also conduct remote guidance. Users can choose other methods such as telephone, video, email, etc. to learn about equipment installation, commissioning, operation, mold change, maintenance, process guidance, etc.of the equipment.


  1. From the date of receiving the machine, the warranty period of all machine accessories is one year. We provide free maintenance guidance service during the warranty period.
  2. If there is any problem with the accessories outside the warranty period, please contact us in time to explain the problem, and we will provide follow-up resolution within 24 hours.
  3. If we have a local distributor, we can contact the local distributor for cooperation.
  4. All questions about the equipment can be consulted to us by mail, video, telephone, etc.
  5. Service Phone:+86-0519-83999079


Vacuum automatic feeding, including compressed air reverse blowing system, start feeding system, wash hose, suction gun, vacuum generator, PCB controller,throughput 30-300 kg/h, diameter 150mm and height 600mm, set automatic feeding time and discharging time, powder flow is controllable, all stainless steel ptubeuction, intelligent control.

The mixing barrel is 600mm in diameter and 700mm in height, with a 2.2kw reduction motor, a stirring speed of 15-25 turns/min, 8-10mm thick bottom plate, and a feeding capacity of 75-90kg.


Name No. Brand/Manufacturer
Vacuum generator 1pcs China
316L stainless steel filter 4pcs China
Vacuum hopper(304 stainless steel) 1set Suko
Compressed air reverse blowing system Backflush valve 1set New Zealand 
Pneumatic component AirTAC
Air emptying system 1set China
Control system Pc board 1set Suko
Switching power supply 1pcs China
Solenoid valve 1pcs AirTAC
Suction hose(Φ25)food-grade steel wire reinforced hose 3M Germany
Stainless steel suck nozzle(Φ25) 1pcs L 350mm
Stainless steel barrel 1pcs OD600mm;H700mm
Gear Motor 1pcs 1.5KW  15-20r/m


Model Compressed air consumption Air pressure
SKVQC-10 180L/min 0.4-0.6MPa


Machine Model Height of ground floor Height of machine Over Machine space Hole Diameter
PFG150 3000-6000mm 2460mm 1000mm 300mm
PFG300 3000-6000mm 2879mm 1000mm 450mm
PFG500 3000-6000mm 3100mm 1000mm 650mm


Name Brief Description
PTFE powder pre-sintering furnace Sintering PTFE power
PTFE block crusher Smash the lump into power
Electric sieve powder machine To loose powder before mixing
Recycled material crushing ptubeuction line Dicer, washing machine, crusher
Powder Mixer / Powder & Auxiliary Mixer To mix powder with liquid lubricant
Hydraulic bar cutting machine Cut big size tubes as required